Reactions as Netizens accuse Mohbad's father of wearing his late son's T-shirt in the tribute video he release

Netizens accuse Mohbad’s father of wearing his late son’s T-shirt in the tribute video he released

A trending video of Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, wearing his son’s T-shirt has sparked reactions.

Reacting to this latest act from the late singer’s father, many accused him of being unreasonable and disgracing himself with others, stating there’s nothing wrong with him putting on his late son’s T-shirt and that it may be a gift from his son before his unfortunate demise.

In a post shared by an online personality who is also actively involved in ensuring Mohbad gets justice,Omowonola Oyebode highly criticized the father of the late Mohbad for this latest act of wearing his son’s clothes.

She wrote,”Haaaaa…I give up🙈.Mohbad’s Father wearing his late son’s clothes. This is too much. This is the cloth Mohbad wore in one of his United Kingdom shows at Birmingham on the 12th of August 2023.”

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Reacting to this, some netizens saw nothing wrong with what the father did by wearing his clothes, while others criticized him for this simple act.See reactions below.

-I’m happy that this man is disgracing himself ..I respect wunmi so much. This young lady has carried herself so well 👏.

-It might be a gift from MOH to him haba…does that mean he now went to mohs house after his death to pack his clothes? How is that even possible 🤷‍♀️ As much as I don’t support all he’s been saying but on this I won’t say what I don’t know.

-Daddy go remove that cloth for your head oo! You no get right to touch his properties until we find his real DAD!😒 Ema je kini gbe yin sepe o.


-What’s bad in wearing same stuff with your child , nothing is wrong with that. …….. NEXT TOPIC PLS.

-It’s easy to be faceless or hide behind your phones and be castigating,pray to loose your child and deal with it better than him.

-OmoThis was one of the cloth he wore during his Uk show i think
And i’m sure moh will give adura his clothes not his father .So nah true say them don pack moh clothes for that house.

-No don’t say what you don’t know or post what you don’t know ma’am, I’m not in support of the man tho but even before mohbad death I have seen like 3 of mohbad clothes on the man… and again he also said it’s during one of his interviews that’s him and mohbad are not just father and son but also like friends that’s he use to wear mohbad clothes.. so please don’t judge or say what you don’t know.. thanks.

-with all due respect and humility that is His father for Christ sake, there is nothing wrong if he wears his sons cloth, lets do well to mind our words towards his Dad, please🙏🏾 In as much He might not have represented himself well for his son sake, He is still his Dad and nothing can be done about that.

-Abeg madam rest ijn,so you mean his son didn’t give him the cloth when he was alive,you clout chaser mtcheew.

-Baba ofo,dey shld pack d rest clothes nd gv to d werey mk he enter Guinness book as d first hopeless step father wey go inherit him adopted son,cos am💯nt sure be birth mohbad.

-I haven’t said anything about Mohbad’s dad seeking unnecessary attention but I think I can confidently say now that all his aim in all of these is to inherit his son. Poverty stricken and self centered. Poverty indeed is a disease.

-For almost 4 decades wey I don use for this life as a Yoruba . I never hear when papa Dey pray to je ogun omo oo
Mohbad may your Soul continue to rest i peace cause hmmmmmmm🤐.

– Please ma don’t give up for LIAM sake👏😢 I guess the DNA test should start from this man bcus am not sure he’s the real father of Mohbad😮.

-Witchcraft. He was even jealous of his sons glory. E clear.

-That’s why he’s competing with Liam..

-Omoh wey ur son’s lifeless body is still at the morgue 💔😭….no respect for MOH.

TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Female activist Omowonuola Oyebode took to social media to emphasize that only Wunmi, the wife of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, has the authority to sign for her husband’s body.

This comes after warnings from Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, who insisted that nobody should proceed with the burial arrangements without his authorization.

Taking to social media, Omowonuola Oyebode made a bold assertion, stating, “Mohbad’s body is not your property; only Wunmi can sign for her husband’s body.”

She wrote,”I found it very appalling and so disrespectful. Shouting people should not touch Mohbad’s body. Hey, Old man takes several seats, okay. If we were to leave him to you, you buried him in a small coffin with his head bent sideways.

You ingrates good-for-nothing father fighting for your son’s property when you should be happy he even had a child before he passed away.

What an irriating, poverty and lack of education have dealt with your generation. You disgust me with your utterances. Mohbad’s body is not your property, Lagos State owns the body now, if you don’t know, and only Wunmi can sign for her husband’s body. You have no right at all. You are an embarrassment to manhood.🤮God forbid Mohbad come back to this life to you as child gosh 🤮Iku doro smh.”

In response to the activist’s post, Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo reposted Omowonuola Oyebode’s message on her Instagram stories. Iyabo Ojo, who has been actively advocating for justice in Mohbad’s case, seems to endorse the sentiment that the authority over the late singer’s body rests with his wife.

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