“The Yoruba tribe where Mohbad came from only know how to shout , after shouting they move on” – Nigerian woman says

A video of a Nigerian woman shading the tribe of the late singer Mohbad surfaces online.
The woman noted that the Yoruba tribe can only shout without actually doing anything to yield results.
Using the case of Mohbad as an example,she decried the level of calm of everyone who claimed they wanted justice for Mohbad, especially the Yoruba tribe and also the Yoruba celebrities who are the pioneers of the justice for Mohbad’s case .

She compared her tribe with the Yorubas, saying if it were to be in Anambra or Benin, they wouldn’t take it likely,and they would rather take matters into their own hands and make sure justice prevails instead of waiting on the police.

Part of her statement reads,”The yoruba tribe where MohBad came from only know how to shout. After they finish shouting, they stop and move on.

If it was my tribe in Anambra or Benin they do their son like this, everywhere will scatter..which police are you expecting justice from? How can you say The CCTV in Mohbad’s house is spoilt.

If the Nigerian police can give us all the suspects, we will wash his dead body and give them the water to drink. They will swear publicly and go home. This matter can only be solved traditionally”

Watch her speak below;

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In related news online personality and social media activist Verydarkman has urged the Nigerian police to do the needful by arresting the wife of the late Mohbad,Omowunmi Aloba.

Verydarkman says the wife knows a lot about what really happened to Mohbad.

He said Mohbad was sick for two days and in dire need of medical attention, but the wife chose to leave him at home and decided to call a nurse who was in Cotonou.

Verydarkman revealed that on the very day the friends of Mohbad were seen in a car where they announced the death of Mohbad. The wife was in that same car with them but kept quiet, and instead she started ranting on social media.

In his words;” At this point Nigerian police have to arrest Mohbad’s wife ,how will you tell me that a celebrity that was constantly being bull!ed ,has CCTV cameras in his house and it was never connected?,bullshil!t”.

Watch him speak below;





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