"Wunmi, for now there's no proof that you killed Mohbad until the autopsy results are out "--Nigerian man says

“There’s no proof that Mohbad’s wife killed him until the autopsy results are out,but everyone at home when Mohbad fell sick failed him ” – Man says

A Nigerian man, simply known as Veron has stated that the wife of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad is innocent until proven otherwise by autopsy results.
The man said that the wife, Wunmi is innocent, but everyone at home when Mohbad fell sick failed him, including the wife.

He queried why they would allow a nurse to give Mohbad an injection without anyone supervising her and asked what type of injection she was about ministering to the late singer Mohbad.

Part of his statement reads;”Wunmi, for now there is no proof that you k!lled Mohbad until the autopsy results are out but everyone at home with Mohbad that day failed him.

A nurse entered the house and wanted to give an injection, nobody asked her what type of injection it was, nobody stayed with the nurse when she was giving the injection. You as the wife didn’t sit there with your hubby to monitor and ask questions, you said you were cooking rice in the kitchen when Mohbad’s head was supposed to be on your laps at that moment. What were the men in the house doing? Nobody stayed with him and the nurse.

You said he only had a small wound on his hand. It means he was fine before the injection was given. I hope all women have learnt from this”.

Watch him speak below;

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TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Cynthia Omowumi Aloba, the 24-year-old wife of late Nigerian singer Mohbad has revealed that the younger of the late singer is an eyewitness of what happens between Mohbad and his childhood friend Primeboy.

Recall that Mohbad was with them when the fight between Mohbad and his childhood friend Primeboy broke out. According to Wunmi, it was because of the younger brother that Mohbad and his friend Primeboy fought.
The younger brother of Mohbad was called to the witness box to speak on what he knew at the coroner’s inquest, but he refused to say anything even when compelled to. The meeting was then adjourned until the 15th of November, and hopefully he will talk by then.
Part of Wunmi’s statement reads,”After Wunmi finished making her statement in court, she was asked if she had a witness and she mentioned Mohbad’s younger brother. Recall that his younger brother was with them from the show to the time the incident happened.

According to Wunmi, it was the younger brother’s issue that caused the fight between Mohbad and Primeboy in the car. He was called to come to the witness box but was nowhere to be found.

People went to look for him and they brought him in. When they asked him questions, he refused to say a word. He said he was hungry and tired. All efforts to make him talk proved abortive. His dad looked at him and shook his head in disappointment. The sitting had to be adjourned to November 15. Hopefully, he will speak that day”.





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