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“You grew up around a mother who dated Lagos governors and pastors, so that’s all you know”- Kemi Olunloyo drag Iyabo Ojo’s daughter for saying she can’t date someone below her status



Kemi Olunloyo drag Iyabo Ojo's daughter

Controversial journalist and social media personality, Kemi Olunloyo, has taken to her platforms to express her disapproval of Priscilla Ajoke Ojo’s dating preferences.

Recalls that Priscilla, the daughter of Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, stated that she cannot date someone below her financial status.

Kemi Olunloyo, known for her outspoken nature and candid opinions, didn’t hold back in criticizing Priscilla’s perspective on relationships.

In a her comment, Olunloyo suggested that Priscilla’s views are influenced by her upbringing around individuals with high social statuses her mother rolled with.

In her post, Kemi Olunloyo wrote, “Actress Iyabo Ojo’s daughter Priscilla says she can’t date men “under” her. Basically she said if she makes more money than a man she can’t date him. I dropped a comment. Don’t read it if you hate the truth.

This young lady has never had a real job. Social media influencing does not last and it causes psychological damage. She lives under her mom’s name and residence too.

No woman is above anyone because of money. You grew up around a mother who dated Lagos governors and pastors, so that’s all you know. Priscilla thinks outside the box.

Go fix your drug problems. A video of you blowing nitrous oxide balloons with the Marlins is about to come out. Young lady you can’t spike food or drinks with that. Go file charges against Naira Marley.

You’re an adult. That’s not your mom’s job. Nothing last forever.”

See her post below:

TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo, has claimed that she would not date someone who was financially inferior to her.

Priscilla Ojo make this statement during a recent podcast session where she discussed the types of men she might be interested in dating.

She emphasised that she is rich, works hard for her money, and can only date men that worth her financial status or higher.

The other females on the programme agreed with her comments, adding that the man would pull them back in life.

Priscy went on to say that she can’t date someone with a lower salary since they wouldn’t be able to support her lifestyle and business.

She went on to say that she can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t bring anything to her life, let alone a romantic partner.

Watch her speak below:


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